martha and maria

martha and maria – oil on linen, 1000 x 1000mm stretched

martha and maria – serial number 780, acrylic on linen, 40″ x 40″

The only one in the collection that is oil on linen, ‘martha and maria’ was the challenge that lurks in every body of work. Just as one thinks that you have the whole process down pat, out pops something new. Long story short, I ended up deconstructing the canvas down to the stretcher bars, stretching new linen onto the bars, and literally starting from scratch again. But the victory is so much sweeter when that happens and feels surreal… I stand in awe. The contrasting characters of these women, the sense of service of one and the sensing of the salvation of the other, speak to me. I love them both for their soul.

Price: $3200

Available from me for now