the riddle

the riddle – acrylic on fine canvas 750mm x 750mm by erika husselmann

This painting has a history, and not unlike humans, it has gone through different stages which have informed its current state. One could even talk about a layered narrative, one that was necessary to inform and dissolve into this current state. That sounds rather fluffy, so let me try again: I’ve painted this work at least three times. And all three times it felt as if it was done. Like in finished, signed. Only to slowly start bugging me and stir up my restless soul. Al sorts of ideas would form in my head – in flux what-ifs. And some of those would inevitably end up on the canvas.

Is this done now?

Yes, it is! Well, maybe. The history is there, to question, intrigue, and engage. Not unlike humans with a number of decades behind them, the history is in their faces and demeanour. Riddled with life’s experiences, a wealth of knowledge.

(When one looks closely, the words “my portable rose garden” are hidden in the work.)

750mm x 750mm acrylic on fine canvas


Available from Purpose Gallery, 5 Iwa Street, Māpua, Tasman District 7005