blackbird by erika husselmann – 760x380x30mm oil on stretched recycled canvas

I have a blackbird that spells personality and attitude. My constant companion, well, almost. Some days it sings a happy song, loud, for all to hear. Other days it goes quiet, almost to the point that I start to wonder whether it’s left and gone forever. And I’m almost sad for a moment until I get a sharp reminder in the form of a peck on the leg and my blackbird says ‘I may be a good bird, quiet and all, but I’m making sure you don’t nod off, ok?’ And so we talk a little and I give it a pat on the silky feathery back, and we carry on, my blackbird and I… I have come to be permanently on guard for a sharp peck about blackbird height

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a blackbird peck on the leg to you 🙂
keep well