abracadabra – mixed media on stretched canvas, by Erika Husselmann

On my mind is my footprint. This painting is the last layer one on top of many, many, believe me. I’ve painted, overpainted, stripped back, and repainted so many times, I fail to recall all the images and thoughts that went into this. Preservation is on my mind, so it’s no surprise that there is a person, a tree, and a book in the image, is there? The perfect trio of recycling.

There is some texture, as a result of the layered process on the surface, as well as on the frame (sides). The painting is burdened and imperfect and loaded with history. This painting is me. My name is Abracadabra. No magic word is ever going to fix our planet, but a little bit of care from us all might make a big difference



Available from Gallery Helena Bay, Hikurangi